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About Us

Sijang Group is one of the youngest and fastest-growing companies in India diversified into different segments of the business.

Sijang Group founded in 2017, aims to become the leader in innovation and technology. It owns Sijang Advisory Services Pvt Ltd, Sijang Sensory Branding Technology Pvt Ltd and Plant air companies as its subsidiary units.

At Sijang, we always bring innovative lifestyle and it is the association of people who contribute ideological plans and successful strategies for growth and brighter lives for all.


We make every aspiring people into entrepreneur.


We are committed to growing our business through embracing technology, developing substantial partnerships and by placing the emphasis on providing great levels of customer satisfaction. Our mission statement is to assure that we bring accurate resources at the right time to maximise our client’s business potential.


  • We work with the passion and commitment.

  • Clients satisfaction is our strength.

  • We create custom solutions.

  • We deliver our promises without a fail.

  • Our expertise is not limited.

  • We prepare our employees for the ever-evolving future of work.

Our Services

Sijang Advisory Services Pvt Ltd

Auditing Services

Starting from signing of balance sheet to filing taxations, auditing and general management.

Insurance Consultancy

Comparative market analysis and pricing assistance provided.

Business Consultancy

Manage the risk that can be encountered within the economic sector.

Finance Consultancy

Manage the risk that can be encountered within the economic sector.

Estate Consultancy

Comparative market analysis and pricing assistance provided.

Entrepreneurship Program

Sijang provides a unique opportunity to focus on the business skills and frame works.


Expertising students in web development, game development, IOT, ethical hacking, virtual reality etc


It is an anticipated and recognized business event for all industry players.

Internship Programs

Siijang internships helps to gain practical work and research related experience.


Provides with all the information regarding various entrepreneurs from all over the world.

What We Do

We provide various business opportunities and we make them entrepreneur by our established training programs and innovative ideas. Our concept of training and assistance is very unique.Our internship program provides the knowledge and skills required to become successful in a specific career field. We give attractive innovation platforms for successful transformations.


Business Model

Sijang aims to provide creative minds with different to discover, explore and experiment.
We improve business module, productivity by supporting in terms of finance.
Your ideas are the source of real growth.

Our Goal

We honor all promises and commitments. We prepare our employees for the ever evolving future of work. Emerging the most trusted brand by 2024.
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